The Course

First let's get you straight - WE DO NOT RACE IN SAND HERE!

Our soil varies from brown loam to red clay to some pretty sticky mud places. We are in the Piedmont Region and have rolling hills, no mountains as such, however if you walk several of our hills you might slide the classification from hill to small mountain! We have field sections for super high speeds and engine cooling, the pastures are terraced and this gives you plenty of opportunity for minor air time. The course will go through young planted pine sections where you cannot see ten feet ahead, older pine forests with the chance to go fast, hardwood forests with slick leaves to contend with and mixed stands of pine and hardwoods where its single file racing. Down by the Tyger River we have all the mud one could desire! We try to include our trademark creek jump when weather conditions allow!!  Throughout the course you will find smaller creeks, gullies, rocks, stumps (stump holes), briers, and the very devil himself--grape vines! Grape vines just off the course will take you off your ride instantly making you wish you had stayed on the marked section. Course length varies from four to twelve miles, once again depending on weather conditions and which classes will be using it. You will not be disappointed! The creek jump is not available to all classes.