Big Buck History

In 1973 I purchased the property and the family (Dad Henry Jr., myself, and son Hank) spent many memorable fall days together deer hunting. First one to come out of the woods usually built a campfire up and as the others gathered around later we always asked if anyone had seen the “Big Buck”.   

One day in 1981 I came home from work and Hank told me he wanted a racing go-kart. He was 10 years old then and before I knew it we were at Speedway Park for his first Saturday night kart race! Years 1982-1990 saw us all over the eastern U.S. with the WKA Horstman Gold Cup Series. During that time I witnessed the almost explosive growth of kart racing.  

Fast forward to 1996 when Hank asked me to go with him while he raced in a Mid East Hare Scramble. I didn’t even know what a hare scramble was but when there I saw the opportunity to be a part of that type racing before it “outgrew” my being involved. So I left Mid East Hare Scramble Series Promoter Buren Hamrick a note on a scrap of paper offering to host a national event if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Later that year Buren called me in his role as GNCC Trail Designer for GNCC Boss Dave Coombs; a preview of the property led to his only question: “What do you want to name it”? Hank decided the time had come to share the “Big Buck” with GNCC riders from all over the world! (Note: No, we never shot the “Big Buck”, and I’ll bet no rider ever claims to have tamed the Big Buck GNCC.)

1997 saw the first Big Buck Grand National Cross Country held in Union County, SC and the 2015 VP Racing Fuels Big Buck GNCC is the nineteenth. In that time over 19,000 riders from all over the world have participated in the Big Buck GNCC events.

Kawasaki chose the Big Buck as the site to introduce their long awaited ATV (then called the V FORCE) to the public. Riders, writers, and Kawasaki officials left Union County, SC satisfied they had challenged some of the best trails in the world- the GNCC trails of the Big Buck.

Yamaha came to the Big Buck in 2009 to introduce their latest ATV, the YFZ450X, to the world. Again the riders, writers and Yamaha officials were impressed with the GNCC trails and terrain.

We invite you to join us at the VP Racing Fuels Big Buck GNCC this coming 11&12 April 2015!

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